The Cardhu distillery additionally started utilizing the term “pure malt” for the same objective, causing an issue within the process over clarity in labelling—the Glenfiddich distillery was using the time period to explain some single malt bottlings. As a result, the Scotch Whisky Association declared that a mixture of single malt whiskies must be labelled a “blended malt”. The use of the previous phrases “vatted malt” and “pure malt” is prohibited. The time period “blended malt” remains to be debated, as some bottlers preserve that customers confuse the time period with “blended Scotch whisky”, which accommodates some proportion of grain whisky.

Other flavour and aroma compounds embrace vanillic acid, syringic acid, vanillin, syringaldehyde, furfural, phenyl ethanol, and acetic acid. One analysis established 13 distinct flavour traits depending on particular person compounds, including bitter, sweet, grainy, and floral as major flavour perceptions. Blended malts comprise solely single malt whiskies from two or more distilleries. This type must contain no grain whiskies and is distinguished by the absence of the word “single” on the bottle.

A Scotch whisky labelled as “pure” or “non-chill-filtered” has not been by way of a filtration process during bottling that removes compounds that some consumers see as fascinating. Whisky is aged in numerous kinds of casks—and infrequently in used sherry or port casks—throughout distinct portions of the maturation course of, and will take on characteristics, flavour and aromas from such casks. Special casks are typically used on the finish of the maturation process, and such whiskies could also be labelled as “wood finished”, “sherry/port completed”, and so on.

In the early twenty first century, such “No age statement” whiskies have turn out to be extra widespread, as distilleries reply to the depletion of aged shares brought on by improved sales. Whisky does not mature once bottled, so if no age assertion is supplied, one could calculate the age of the whisky if each the distillation date and bottling date are given.

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One can also encounter the time period “single cask”, signifying the bottling comes totally from one cask. The term “blended malt” signifies that single malt whisky from totally different distilleries are blended in the bottle.

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Single grain Scotch whisky means a Scotch whisky distilled at a single distillery but, in addition to water and malted barley, may contain whole grains of different malted or unmalted cereals. Whereas malt whisky is distilled as a batch course of in pot stills, grain whisky could be distilled constantly in Continuous Stills or Column stills. Exports in 2018 again elevated 7.eight% by worth, and 3.6% in number of bottles, despite the obligation imposed in 2017; exports grew to a report stage, £4.7 billion. The US imported Scotch whisky with a worth of just over £1 billion while the European Union was the second largest importer, taking 30% of world value.

A whisky with an age assertion is called assured-age whisky. A whisky without an age statement is called a no age statement (NAS) whisky, the only guarantee being that every one whisky contained in that bottle is no less than three years old. The minimal bottling strength according to the regulation is 40% alcohol by quantity.

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The label at all times includes a declaration of the malt or grain whiskies used. A single malt Scotch whisky is one that’s entirely produced from malt in one distillery.

Blended Scotch whisky means a blend of one or more single malt Scotch whiskies with one or more single grain Scotch whiskies. Blended grain Scotch whisky means a blend of two or more single grain Scotch whiskies from different distilleries. Blended malt Scotch whisky means a mix of two or extra single malt Scotch whiskies from totally different scottish girl distilleries. Excluded from the definition of “single grain Scotch whisky” is any spirit that qualifies as a single malt Scotch whisky or as a blended Scotch whisky. The latter exclusion is to make sure that a blended Scotch whisky produced from single malt(s) and single grain(s) distilled on the same distillery doesn’t additionally qualify as single grain Scotch whisky.

A whisky’s age may be listed on the bottle offering a guarantee of the youngest whisky used. An age assertion on the bottle, in the type of a quantity, should reflect the age of the youngest whisky used to supply that product. A whisky with an age statement is known as assured age whisky. Scotch whisky without an age assertion could, by legislation, be as young as three years old.

As of 23 November 2009, the Scotch Whisky Regulations 2009 (SWR) define and regulate the production, labelling, packaging as well as the advertising of Scotch whisky in the United Kingdom. They substitute earlier laws that focussed solely on production, including the Scotch Whisky Act 1988. Many Scotch whisky drinkers check with a unit for drinking as a dram. All Scotch whisky should be aged in oak barrels for at least three years. Any age statement on a bottle of Scotch whisky, expressed in numerical form, should reflect the age of the youngest whisky used to provide that product.

This was a increase year with a report excessive in exports, however the Scotch Whisky Association expressed concern for the long run, significantly “the challenges posed by Brexit and by tensions in the global trading system”. Labels may carry numerous declarations of filtration strategies or last maturation processes.

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The age of the vat is that of the youngest of the original elements. For example, a blended malt marked “8 years old” could embody older whiskies, with the youngest constituent being eight years old. Johnnie Walker Green Label and Monkey Shoulder are examples of blended malt whisky. Starting from November 2011, no Scotch whisky might be labelled as a vatted malt or pure malt, the SWR requiring them to be labelled blended malt as an alternative.