Capacity Building

Capacity building within our context can be defined as boosting the abilities of individuals, organizations and systems to undertake and broadcast high quality research effectively and efficiently.

The objective of organizing trainings & capacity building programs, for RDI, is to improve and strengthen the skills for optimal utilization of human as well as financial resources, develops knowledge, to build up technical know-how on subject matters, to strengthen those process and skills which helps in the delivering of programme activities and a set of capabilities which enables organizations to set objectives, achieve results, solve problems, and create adaptive measures which enable them to survive in the long run.

RDI adopts a participatory approach to conduct all the trainings and capacity building programs.

Following are the trainings and capacity building programs offered by RDI:

Information Technology

RDI has in house capability of developing software as well for conducting surveys using mobile based software.

Here is a list of trainings provided by RDI:

  1. CAPI Training
  2. Mobile based software training
  3. CS Pro software training

Research Methodology

RDI has a rich pool of professionals who are well trained in conducting surveys with suitable methodology. RDI also provides training on various parameters of research methodology such as Data collection tools, Sampling Methods and techniques and Research Design and Methodolgy.


RDI has a rich experience in providing health trainings such as Clinical Anthropometric Bio marker test. RDI has done several projects under health sector where we have conducted training programs for paramedics in areas such as  anthropometry, Blood Pressure measurement, Capillary Blood Drop samples, Haemoglobin testing for Anaemia, Blood Glucose testing, Dried Blood Spot (DBS) collection for malaria.