Information Technology

We at RDI use both (paper questionnaire and Hand Handled device) method for data collection. We have qualified and experienced professionals for software development for data collection through android devices. For maintaining authenticity of data we take GPS (Global Positioning System) of the survey location on the device. The collected data in the field get synchronize to RDI headquarter on the same day. This has made the data collection process speedy and also maintains location accuracy.
Geospatial intelligence is critical for planning, exploration and the successful project execution, Explore hidden opportunities first, know which sites are most promising, and make decisions quickly. With access to imagery of areas of interest, one can track changes and trends over time. Work with complete, accurate data that can be shared with desktop workflows across the project team.
RDI has expanded its foot print in the sector of IT and GIS mapping.
We have used GIS for facility mapping with recording GPS of the facilities and developing a GIS map of the same.


Ø CAPI Training

Ø Mobile based software training for data collection

Ø CS Pro Software Training

Ø Research Methodology

Ø Data Collection Tools

Ø Capacity Building Programs for N


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